Saturday, November 17, 2018

Maricopa Trail Phase 1 Completion Celebration.

Maricopa Trail Phase 1 Completion Celebration: Saturday, November 17, 2018.
The successful completion of the 315-mile, Valley-circumnavigating Maricopa Trail was celebrated today at Cave Creek Regional Park.  Dignitaries, supporters, volunteers and countless movers-and-shakers were on hand to mark the occasion. Here's a look at the day's festivities. PHOTOS:
New Kiosk: This colorful and informative sign was unveiled at the event. Father of the Maricopa Trail: Andy Kunasek, Former Maricopa County Board Supervisor was a driving force in bringing the trail to fruition. Scorpion: An Arizona Game and Fish representative displays a scorpion at the event.
King Snake demo: A Maricopa County employee displays a non-venomous king snake. Harris Hawks take flight: Two Harris Hawks rehabilitated by Wild at Heart rescue were released into the park. Ready to let them fly: Andy Kunasek and Steve Chucri get set to release the hawks. Gila monster: a Gila monster missing part of one of its back legs rehabilitates at the park Nature Center.
Ceremonial "last shovel-fulls": final dirt is placed on the trail. Steve Chucri: Maricopa County Board of Supervisor Chairman recognizes trail supporters. RJ Cardin: Maricopa County Parks and Recreation Director emceed the program. Maricopa Trail and Park Foundation: Larry Sneed and Jan Hancock host the MT maintenance trails provided by REI.  John Rose: Maricopa Trail Manager recognizes the many partnerships involved in building the trail.  Brian Derrick: Maricopa Trail and Park Foundation President speaks about the organizations mission, trail maintenance and volunteerism. Andy Kunasek: The Father of the Maricopa Trail speaks bout the trail's history and future. Branding Ceremony: A reenacting of the ceremonial branding that took place at the 2004 Maricopa Trail ground breaking brings the closure to a year-long effort. American Conservation Experience: This Flagstaff-based volunteer organization began working on the Maricopa Trail in 2016 and have been instrumental in rehabilitating segments damaged by wildfire and constructing sustainable routes.
New kiosk unveiled
Father of the Maricopa Trail
King snake demo
Harris Hawks take flight
Ready to let them fly.
Harris Hawk handling
Harris Hawk release preparations
Gila Monster
Ceremonial "last shovel-fulls"
Steve Chicory
RJ Cardin
Maricopa Trail and Park Foundation
John Rose
Brian Derrick
Andy Kunasek
Branding ceremony.
American Conservation Experience.

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